Class Descriptions

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A dancer's technique begins in ballet class. We encourage all students to enroll in a ballet class with our talented and encouraging ballet teachers. The class will not only encourage technique but also proper poise and etiquette. Each class will include barre and center floor work. Dancers are expected to respect the teacher and the discipline equally.

This class will focus on flexibility and coordination. Starting with a warm-up,the dancers will focus on increasing their flexibility and their dancing ability. Then the dancers will travel across the floor, followed by a center combination. The students will work on similar skills each week building confidence as the time passes.

Turns & Leaps
Turns & Leaps is a class that requires students to be focused and attentive. The class will include a quick warm-up and then jump right in to working on their dance technique. If your student is interested in dancing at a competitive level, this is the class for them!

This class is perfect for dancers of all ages and levels! Rhythm and coordination are the basic skills taught in each tap class. Tap is not always the easiest skill to master. However, it is always a fun class to take!

Combining the genres of Jazz and Ballet, Lyrical and Contemporary becomes a perfect blend of grace and style. In these classes, dancers will be encouraged to use their emotions in their dancing as a way to express themselves.  These are great classes for dancers who have some experience with other genres.

Tiny Tots
Our tiny tots classes include 20 min of Tap and 20 min of Ballet. Designed specifically for ages 3-5, dancers will learn the beginning technique of both styles. Classes are very structured even for dancers at this young age!

Hip Hop
Hip Hop classes are fun for dancers of all levels!  We begin Hip Hop as early as age 5.  Hip Hop classes teach rhythm and musicality along with style.  Your dancer will feel like they are at a dance party every class!